Oh, Batfamily. Why.

Master Bruce was different when he had a partner in the fight. I would never say he is ‘happier’… no, happiness does not play a part in this battle. I would say that he wears the weight beter. He never forgets the horrific act that gave birth to his cause. but I’d say that the crippling grief retreats a bit… and he feels it just a little less.

He said he brought Jason into the fold to keep the boy from ‘winding up on the wrong path’. That if he had not interceded the boy would have become a part of the criminal element.

It is not entirely untrue. But the whole truth is obvious. He liked having him out there.

Alfred about Bruce and Jason, and by extention Batman and Robin in general; in Under the Red Hood/Batman 645



- Zero Hour: Robin 10

Tim decides that Dick can’t have all the fun… ‘that gloryhound’.

I’m not sure I like Tim’s tone here. He’s more insecure than he usually his. Yes, he’s got all these questions nagging about what’s going on, but at the same time he’s got a lot of experience as Robin under his belt. He’s good. Just as good as Dick. Just different. Dick will always beat Tim at flips and shit, but Tim will always beat Dick at the computer stuff. I suppose I should feel sorry for Tim here, but actually I’m more annoyed just now. He needs to learn to not brood so much during action and just get on with it.

And after that dip in the tank with the sharks… I suppose Dick could have been less flippant, but Tim does need help here.

to be fair, this is Tim at the beginning of his career where he doesn’t actually have as much experience as you think. this scene is from issue #10 of a series that’s over 180 issues long. Tim’s like 14 or 15. I like that he’s insecure teen and not as confident and a bit brooding (foreshadowing ;)) when some overly confident kid in shortpants who’s definitely younger at this point is one upping him all over the place without even trying hard. Tim certainly doesn’t have as much experience compared to someone who’s been an acrobat since birth and then became robin at the age of 8 years old (pre crisis, pre reboot). Tim’s attitude, while childish, is understandable to me and I really loved this issue for that reason tbh. the issue was perfect for Tim’s internal monologue alone:


SOMEHOW JUST AS COMPETENT, JUST AS SURE it’s a beautiful sentence and totally screams dick grayson I love it. 

at the end of the issue the story becomes not about Dick robin being a better robin but about Tim overcoming his insecurity to solve the case and having a child version of his idol and mentor nightwing tell him what a great job he did. Tim realizes that his strengths lie in different places and his detective work is cemented as the staple of the series. 

personally though, I like the theme of tiny bby pre teen Dick robin visiting all the robins at any various age of theirs and getting all their panties in a twist as he accidentally and effortlessly reminds them what an amazing robin he was ;) get on Dick’s level, robins.

#it’s a darn shame Damian never got to experience a weird zero hour time displacement type plot#I would have loved to read about him getting furious over the ease and grace and skill that Dick had in every aspect of being a robin#without even being trained (/abused) by the league of assassins#not to mention dick got to grow up with nice pre-dark and grim bruce and received bruce’s unconditional love just for existing#can you imagine how epic and a lil heartbreaking damian’s experience with 10 yr old dick robin would be#obviously eventually they’d overcome their differences and work together and become bffs#and damian would realize he has his own strengths as robin just like tim and that first doesn’t mean better but#but before that moral lesson damian would make the >:( face a lot#tim drake#chuck dixon#dick grayson#robin

I really felt like those tags should be added along with the commentary because I would like to blink and have a fic written please, thank you internet.

But seriously I think everyone should get to meet Robin!Jason at some point. Dick only got a very short time with him because he was going through his RARRGH NO CONTACT I AM NIGHTWING LOOK AT MY FANCY SUIT thing, Tim just saw him on the tv and newspapers, Steph likely has no point of reference beyond sad whispers from Dick or Alfred and can you really see Damian giving a damn about the personality of past Robins? Obviously he studied them but not their personalities, just their styles and forms.

okay I didn’t mean to type this much I’m done

I just have a lot of feelings.



Reminder that Bruce once kept a whole world from getting destroyed because Dick was in it.

(Infinite Crisis)

Earth-Two Superman/Kal-L has this entire spiel about why HIS Earth is better, about how the main Earth is corrupt and terrible and awful. But Batman asks if that idea applies to Dick Grayson, too (IIRC, this was the scene Geoff Johns referred to when he said “Batman admitting that Grayson is the person most important to him”).

Despite the fact the he desperately wants to bring back his own pre-Crisis Earth (and save Lois while he’s at is), this Kal-L/Superman has to concede that Dick Grayson is just as wonderful on this “corrupted” Earth as he is on the “perfect” (Golden Age) Earth-Two.

And to Bruce, that’s enough.  As terrible as post-Crisis Earth may be, it is worth saving because of Dick Grayson.

Because Dick Grayson is Batman’s moral compass.

Bruce and his children.

Happy Father’s Day


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Pixiv ID: 36389182
Member: 穀雨


Happy Mother’s Day, guys! :-)

In honor of the day, here are the Batkids with their mothers (or stepmothers, in a few cases).

In order: Damian and Talia, Steph and Crystal, Babs and Barbara Sr., Cass and Shiva, Tim and Dana, Tim and Janet, Dick and Mary, Babs and Sarah, Jason and Sheila.

Jason and Cass are the ones who lucked out in the mother department, clearly. /blatant lies


4/27 - R.I.P.


4/27 - R.I.P.



Bat-Family reactions to Damian’s death.


7 days of Robins: Day four - Stephanie Brown.

You put my hand to your heart
And ran right through your history
The souvenirs and lost luggage
The shipwrecks and the misteries


7 days of Robins: Day three - Tim Drake.

And don’t it seem like too long a time
Since you were sweating in the streetlight?
Too many dreams, not enough schemes
And a bike with no gears to ride
With a wheels going too slow